“The most raw, honest, beautiful, brutal piece of theatre I’ve seen in so long… created a genuinely warm and open atmosphere where people felt free to share. Conclusion: all the stars.”

[Letters to Myself feedback from Clare Fisher, author]

“In whatever capacity I have known or worked with Becci in she has proved exceptional. She is honest, interested and interesting, numerate, literate, practical, creative, “can do" not “can't, won't" and very. very giving and supportive of other professionals and projects."

[Carole Wears, Director CaroleW Productions]

“Becci is a writer of genuine talent who is always striving to develop her practice and stretch her creative skills. I've worked as a mentor to Becci in developing a new play called Yes Chef! which showed her ability as a playwright to write fully rounded characters with psychological and emotional truth. She has an excellent ear for dialogue and an innate ability to structure stories. I've also had the pleasure of seeing her piece Letters to Myself, which was a very different piece in that it showed off her skills as a theatre maker. She crafted a moving and, often funny, piece from real life letters which was theatrically exciting, imaginative and boundary breaking."

[Ali Taylor, Playwright]

“I had the pleasure of working with Becci as my producer, and she was absolutely instrumental to much of the development of what has become one of my most successful projects 'The Midnight Soup'. Becci is very thorough, organised and 'people-centric' in her approach to producing. In the case of our work together, she kept as much on top of the admin as she did on looking after the team. She was such a perfect match for my work that her shoes remain to be filled."
[Leo Burtin, Artist, Writer & Producer]