“This town is full of these contradictions and parallel worlds. A beautiful sandy beach and seductive sea lapping a sound scape to run down buildings and the brick carcasses of former glory. Patches of old tiled floors are exposed to passers-by as a lone CCTV camera keeps watch over emptiness.”
[Extract from Inertia]


Inertia will look at how communities deal with change, or not.  Set in a seaside town, against a landscape which serves as a constant reminder of the decline of British holiday industry, it follows a young female protagonist stuck in an arcade job and struggling to see what the future might hold for her.  The piece will explore; how much of our identity is tied to the place we grew up, what the future holds for younger generations and what we see when we look out across the seas that join us altogether.


Mariana is a new show for ages 4-7, set in the Mariana Trench, with plans to tour nationally in 2019.  The show will explore how we manage our emotions, low mood and friendships. The work is being supported by Theatre Hullabaloo (mentoring, space & networking opportunities) and Live Theatre (space in kind).